Fruit Salad

The ability to have healthy digestion and eat food that does not leave you feeling uncomfortable is the goal for all. If you have suffered from bloating or other symptoms it is our goal to help you overcome digestive challenges.

A sluggish transit time can occur from food combining that does not allow the meal to be utilized effectively. If the food causes bloating the gas can put pressure on surrounding organs which causes pain. The general malaise feeling is related to this process www.

An alternative consideration is the lack of digestive enzymes to process efficiently. We tried this theory at Arboretum Springs in regard to protein powder mixed with green powders and herbal mixtures. This mixture did not have any fruit powder to avoid the increased risk of fermentation from mixing fruit and protein. Food combining issues will be discussed more in our future blogs. We added one capsule of probiotics from garden of life and one enzyme capsule from the same company which works with a variety of food issues. The results were excellent there was no issues at all. The next day we added alma fruit powder to this protein mix and found that digestion was good but the fermentation issue of eating fruit with protein did not change. So in the case of beans that are known for this issue digestion would improve if constipation was not a condition from previous meals.

Chili rice bowl

So we found these two products to be very helpful ,but do not consume more than is recommended on the jar.

When consuming fruit it is best to eat by itself and let digestion work and please consider proper techniques for ridding one of stress as it complicates digestion.


It may be time to rethink culinary options so you can feel your best and perform well in all your tasks at hand.

Happy Cooks always think of others which brings great joy

Have a great day

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