Candida Control

The question comes up why do I feel bad? The problem may be in the digestive tract where the environment may be out of balance. Digestive issues are common and learning how to combine foods is good for the health of your internal environment. Bloating and exit travel should flow knowing we are in balance is what we are told. The scientific evidence points to the bacterial balance as the good bacteria must have control.

If we eat without pain or bloating and transit time happens regularly your thoughts should be chipper and your general mood on track. This seems like a lot to ask.

Stress does not cause us to rest and antibiotics destroys our beneficial bacteria so the general idea is to use probiotics daily for restoration of health. So if you are like some the idea of eating cultured vegetables seems odd due to texture and smell. I tried this myself and the look on other people’s face was oh no that stuff smells. Cabbage was the culprit they found it to be intolerable but healthy should not mean suffering or to made fun of.

I have found that probiotic water or homemade yogurt is good and the idea of fermented fruit is flavorful and not smelly as some would say. The time factor is important if you are good at planning ahead. It takes 3-7 days for the bacteria to work it course by eating up the sugar in the foods and leaving you with a predigested product.

Some cannot remember to pay their bills every 30 days so this may not work for all. If you had the probiotic pre made that might help so you can experience good health and move on with your inspiring life. However you choose try to find a plan that works for you so you can improve your game and your beautiful mood.

Coconut milk with probiotics has great results we really appreciate the freshness that comes from this location. Making life simple and helping you feel fantastic is our goal so we hope you enjoy your probiotics and feel better as you reach all your goals.

Hoping your life is energetic

Happy Days

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