Happy Pets

Our furry friends mean so much and to see them suffer because they chewed on the wrong plant is very rough on everyone. At Arboretum Springs we are redesigning our pet pavilion to be safe and comfortable with small pets in mind.


Nasturtium grows in part sun or full sun with light green leaves and a trailing stream of flowers. It is an edible plant which is safe for pets.

Another plant that is beautiful with 2-3 foot spikes of flowers is the holly hock.


This likes full sun and does well in part sun with 4-6 hours of sun light. All plants will perform beautifully for you if they know you care by keeping their environment moist with good drainage.

There are 150 different species of basil we have used 6 different varieties at Arboretum Springs for culinary and floral bouquets. Christmas Basil is beautiful in flower beds and cinnamon basil for Microgreen salads. Our pets think they smell nice and these are considered safe.


If you are a tier gardener where flowers grow from 8 feet down to 2 feet the good news is that plants that should not be eaten by pets can be elevated off the ground in pots and hanging baskets . We hope your creative inspiration in your yard brings a smile to your face with every new sunrise.

If you do not have a big space outside we like to implement vertical systems for herb, succulent or decorative plants. The advantage is that the fresh oxygen a plant produces is at your level for air purification. Live peacefully and notice how beautiful plants make you feel.

Happy Planting

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