Weed Free

A beautiful garden with flowers and greenery stand with the hue of a new day. We work to plant the flowers that were started from seed that celebrates life. We remain peaceful knowing the place we created belongs to us to enjoy all the days of the year. Within 14 days more greenery crops up and tries to take over the beautiful plants and choke them out; how can we avoid this constant battle to enjoy the beauty without the competition of weeds.

The solution we have found at Inflorescence flower gardens is to lay down weed stop paper that will block the light and let water go through so the weeds cease to exist. Just add mulch on top of your paper and water it down.Your plants can thrive and your weeds will be gone. If you find plants like Bermuda or other hearty weed crops grow through a seam you may choose a heavy duty weed stop paper.

Use your time to enjoy the beauty instead of stressing your back to play tug of war with weeds that come back in two weeks. We support the earth naturally and all that sprouts up so choose to think smarter instead of working harder.

Every plant starts from a tiny seed imagine the possibilities.

Happy Gardening

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