Mushroom Bounty

Mushrooms are a good food that has so many flavors. Some are mild flavor like a button mushroom and others taste like a lobster some say. We will investigate that in the days ahead. Today we found the Maitake so interesting it looks like a fungi bouquet

The flavor is good so here we go on another culinary adventure we used 2 inch by 3 inch tall pieces and dipped them in a batter and pan fried them

Maitake Mandral

We used about 3-4 ounces of Maitake and one cup of batter

Keep in mind we serve people who are food critics and the result was what is that broccoli and then they tried it and the result was wow that is good. The crisp edges with a soft center that was not soggy. Some just really do not like soggy so cook with confidence this recipe will work like a dream.

Happy Days we wish you all

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