Rainbow Hue

Colors for Calm

Look at the rainbow in all its spectrum can you pick the color that is separate from each other. It is a blend where edges are not seen as the hue is found in all the shades of blue, green, red and yellow.

Look at your plate what do you see every item is for the function of your health so you can enjoy and play. Choose colors of the rainbow as you enjoy good food today.

Red colors for your enriched blood and cleansing.


Blue food is for your antioxidant value to remove pathogens that do not belong.


Green is for minerals that keep you calm and maintain proper ph balance for digestion.


Yellow is good for skin teeth and bones.


The ability to have food from a tree is a benefit of farming which may require space depending on location.

We enjoy planting in pots for a raised garden that will produce food and not require acres of land.

However you choose know that gardening is an adventure with great rewards

Happy Farming

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